• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Review Linlang Teleserye Version Pilot

Linlang was indeed one of the most-watched and highly talked about digital series of 2023. And after months of waiting, more viewers from different parts of the country now have the opportunity to finally see it on free television as its teleserye version premiered last January 22.

On its pilot episode, the series immediately piqued our interest as it commenced with Paulo Avelino, who plays the role of Victor Lualhati, descending on the stairs and drenched in blood as he was being arrested by the police. But before we get to find out what happened before this scene, the series brought us back to 2014 when he got his then-girlfriend Juliana (Kim Chiu) pregnant with their first child while they were still in college.

Since they were still quite young then, they had to talk this matter out among their families, with Paulo being accompanied by his stepmom Amelia (Maricel Soriano) and his stepbrother Alex (JM de Guzman), while Juliana’s grandmother Pilar (Ruby Ruiz) being on her side. Just on their very first meeting, we already felt the looming tension with how Amelia appears surly and straightforward.

While their relationship started out blissful and promising, problems began to arise as they welcomed their first child and had to live with the family of Victor. Aside from taking good care of the baby and studying, Juliana was also expected to do household chores and tolerate Amelia’s attitude, which really got her so overwhelmed and further push Victor for them to move out as soon as possible. 

As she got pregnant for the second time, they decided to get married through a civil ceremony. However, just when we thought that their relationship would become stronger, things began to go downhill for them after Juliana caught him mingling with several ladies when she attempted to surprise her at the boxing gym.

A heated altercation ensued between as soon as Victor arrived home that night, which led to an unfortunate incident that would change their lives forever – the unforeseen demise of their son. Since they were preoccupied by their fight, they didn’t notice him walking towards the window of their bedroom and plunged to his death. Victor tried to save their child by agreeing to sell one of his boxing matches in exchange of a hefty amount needed for the operation, but his sacrifices were put in vain their son still passed away.

This tragedy has taken a toll on their marriage as Juliana had gone cold toward him, especially when he started working overseas as a seaman. While Victor was away, Alex tied the knot with his girlfriend Sylvia (Kaila Estrada), and Juliana on the other hand, managed to score an office job and transfer their family to a new home. At the ship, Victor experienced being bullied by his colleagues who came from other countries, yet refused to retaliate at them until they alighted to take their vacation.

Victor decided to surprise his family by not telling anyone that he was coming home and going straight to Juliana’s workplace, where he caught the celebration being thrown by her colleagues for her promotion. He got jealous of her boss Lucas (Jake Ejercito) as he noticed him being a bit touchy to her. But Juliana appeased him by telling him that they were just close.

On their way home, Victor got suspicious with another car that was seemingly tailing them until they reached the school of their daughter Abby (Hannah Lexie) to surprise her. He was pleased to find out from the other moms that Juliana never missed fetching Abby regardless of how busy she could be at work. 

That night, the couple made up for the time they lost apart by having an intimate moment that got disrupted when Victor spotted an unknown man standing outside the window of their bedroom. He tried to catch him, but the mystery guy was able to quickly escape by riding a car. He attempted to report it to the police but Juliana stopped him since he couldn’t provide any detail. 

The following day, Victor visited Amelia to catch up and pay for his debt. While their conversation started pleasantly, it went sour when they talked about their house being sold by Amelia and the painful past they had that continues to haunt them in the present. Later that day, he met with his co-worker and close friend Jimboy (Benj Manalo), who tearfully related to him that his wife Emma (Lovely Abella) confessed to him that the rumors about her having an illicit affair are true. Thus, Jimboy is now seeking annulment of their marriage and advised him to also keep an eye on his wife Julianna. 

As much as he didn’t want to believed that Juliana can also do what Emma did after hearing positive words about her from her family and neighbors, Victor couldn’t brush off the signs enumerated by Jimboy regarding his cheating wife when he saw pieces of expensive underwear and a bag full of makeup in one of her drawers. When he confronted her about his discovery, Juliana told him that she actually prepared all of those for him.

A few days later, they had lunch at the house of Alex and Sylvia together with Pilar, Abby, and Kate (Anji Salvacion), as requested by Alex upon learning that Victor already arrived. Their visit at the luxurious mansion highlighted the stark contrast between the lives of the two brothers, as well as hinted about the problem enshrouding the marriage of Alex and Sylvia. 

The next day, during breakfast, a suspicious text message on Juliana’s phone fueled Victor’s growing doubts about her. Thus, he inconspicuously followed her after paying a visit to his former boxing coach Badong (Jaime Fabregas), who he had not seen ever since the night he sold his game. He hailed a taxi and tailed her until they reached a hotel. 

While they were sitting in two separate tables, he tried to call to see if she would lie or tell the truth – and she lied. She told him that her team was already at the mall and was about to do their client presentation. He then saw a waiter approached her to hand her a keycard and he didn’t waste no time in following her going to the hotel room given to her. 

Promising pilot week

Just on the initial few episodes of Linlang The Teleserye Version, those who were able to watch it for the first time have immediately found out the reason why it was so controversial and widely watched. At the same time, those who got to see it for the second or more time were reminded about what got them totally hooked to it. 

Just on the pilot episode, a few topics related to it made it to the top-trending topics on X (formerly Twitter), namely “LinlangTheTeleseryeVersion”, “LinlangPasabog”, “Juliana”, “#KimPau”, “MARICEL SORIANO AS AMELIA”, “Victor”, and “Kim Chiu”, not to mention that the first week reached six-digit concurrent views on Kapamilya Online Live.

Arguably, it’s because of how relatable, exciting, and kilig-filled the scenes are, making each episode truly engrossing. While we’ve already seen plenty of kabit seryes over the years, we can all perhaps agree that Linlang The Teleserye Version still stands out because of its interesting and relevant narrative and the impressive portrayals of its actors, especially its main cast Kim Chiu, Paulo Avelino, JM de Guzman, Maricel Soriano, and Kaila Estrada. 

As the narrative has already started to drum up in the pilot week, we can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes and find out how the love story of Juliana and Victor is going to unfold. 

Are you looking forward as us to see what are going to happen next in Linlang The Teleserye Version? Well, you better not miss an episode, weeknights after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.