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Kim’s Best Scenes as Juliana in Linlang

While Kim Chiu may still carry traces of the sweet, youthful charm that captured hearts when she first won as the first Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big Winner almost two decades ago, don't let her gentle demeanor fool you. When it comes to acting, the ‘Chinita Princess’ can be fierce and explosive.

Centered around themes of love, betrayal, and deceit, "Linlang The Teleserye Version" relied heavily on the stellar performances of its cast members. Kim, the lead star, demonstrated the depth of her acting talent in her portrayal of the cheating wife, Juliana.

As the series' "Sagarang Finale" approaches, immerse yourself in Kim's captivating performance and gripping moments that display her bravura as an actress, in these scenes compiled by Kapamilya Update.

Kim shone in that scene where Juliana expressed her grievances to her husband Victor (Paulo Avelino). She unleashed pent-up emotions, revealing to Victor that she felt alone since the death of their first child, Marco. She recounted how she single-handedly took care of arrangements at the morgue and selected clothes for the burial. Yet, during the funeral, Victor didn't even approach her. These incidents left her feeling that their marriage was falling apart at that moment.

Juliana's reaction clearly showed the sting of the slaps she received from Amelia (Mariccel Soriano), Victor's stepmother and the biological mother of her then-secret lover, Alex (JM De Guzman), at that moment when Amelia caught Juliana and Alex red-handed. All Juliana could do was plead with Amelia to stop slapping her. However, instead of sympathy, viewers felt anger towards her, especially when she responded defiantly, stating that she wasn't the only one to blame because she and Alex both contributed to their illicit affair.

Everyone was also impressed by Kim's acting chops in that scene where her character, Juliana, learned that she had a miscarriage. Her hysterical frenzy was so palpable that it was difficult not to cry with her. Adding to her brilliance was veteran actress Ruby Ruiz, who portrays her grandmother Pilar, and also broke down in tears as she delivered the bad news to Juliana.

Kim showcased excellence in the scene where she confronted Alex, accusing him of deceiving her and regretting tearing apart her life and family just to choose him. However, it seemed like karma caught up with her as Alex had already revealed his true colors - evil and cunning.

Kim's performance in the scene where she was hurt by Alex and begged him to hurt only her and spare her daughter, Abby (Heart Ramos), was also worthy of a standing ovation.

The scene where Juliana shed tears while asking for forgiveness from Victor truly tapped viewers’ emotions. She came to terms with her sins and felt genuine remorse, particularly when she realized the truth about Alex being the villain that others had warned her about before, but she had chosen to ignore.

Hold tight as more explosive and riveting scenes are coming your way during the finale week of "Linlang The Teleserye Version" on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.