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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
KChat Heaven’s fave scene in Linlang

In the gripping Kapamilya drama "“Linlang The Teleserye Version," Heaven Peralejo, playing Olivia, has captured the hearts of viewers as she adds zest to its unfolding narrative of marriage and betrayal. Audiences cheer on her as Victor (Paulo Avelino)’s new love and a worthy rival to his cheating wife Juliana (Kim Chiu).

Stepping into the shoes of an older character required Heaven to tap into a more mature side of herself. She begins with voice projection; as she puts it, her delivery of lines must be ‘timplado’. She’s also grateful for her co-stars’ generosity in every scene, especially to her ‘Ate’ Kim, who was very helpful in their confrontation scenes.

The dynamic between Olivia and Juliana promises riveting showdowns, infused with sharp and delicious innuendos that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. In their recent face-off, tension reached a boiling point as Juliana labelled Olivia a 'sawsawera,' only to be met with a biting retort, with Olivia branding her as 'escabeche' – drawn from the word ‘kabit.’

For Heaven, "Linlang" holds a special place in her heart. She has several favorite scenes, one of which is the silent exchange between Olivia and Victor as they stood amidst a breathtaking outdoor backdrop. Victor removed his wedding ring, which symbolized his decision to completely let go of his ex-wife and choose Olivia. Despite the absence of dialogue, their intense gazes and subtle movements conveyed the depth of emotion and passion between their characters.

“Sabi ko, ‘Wow, this is acting.’ Mata-mata lang, kayong dalawa ‘yung magse-set ng vibe ng scene na ‘yun, kung paano mo ‘yun ipapakita sa mga tao,” she noted. As an actress, Heaven prefers heavy scenes to be like that – quiet, yet overflowing with emotions.

Another scene she chose is when Olivia tells Victor, "Hindi ko kailangan na mahalin mo ako. Ang kailangan ko, kailanganin mo ako," because those lines really hit home. It was one of the toughest lines she's had to deliver as an actress.

And her third favorite is the showdown between Olivia and Juliana, where she dropped the line, 'escabeche.'

Heaven absolutely adores her character. She admires Olivia for her selflessness and generosity, always putting others before herself without expecting anything in return. It amazes her that Olivia also has some serious boxing skills up her sleeve. Despite her gentle appearance, Olivia proves she's no pushover and knows how to hold her own when things get tough.

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