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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Amelia vs Pilar Linlang Teleserye Version

Armed with her cutting remarks, Amelia (Maricel Soriano) exudes an intimidating aura, especially since her sharp tongue knows no restraint. However, she has found her match in Pilar (Ruby Ruiz), whose weapons are her calm demeanor and love for sarcasm. So, which side are you on: Team Amelia or Team Pilar? Watch this Kapamilya Update video that compiles their fiery back-and-forth in “Linlang: The Teleserye Version.”

We totally caught Pilar’s reaction when Juliana (Kim Chiu) and Victor (Paulo Avelino) sought her and Amelia’s blessing for their decision to start a family , considering Juliana’s unexpected pregnancy. The couple related their plan for Victor to start working and support Juliana’s education after their child’s birth.

As the young sweethearts promised to resolve their situation together, Amelia emphasized that it was just the right thing to do since they aren’t a wealthy family, as if insinuating that Juliana’s camp might be expecting financial gain from the Lualhatis. “Dapat lang na magtulungan kayo dahil wala kayong maasahan sa iba. Hindi kami mayaman,” she looked around and low-key remarked about the poor situation of Juliana’s family as well. Pilar did not say a thing, but her offended expression spoke volumes.

Whenever Amelia showcases her boastful side, Pilar opts for silence, but her eye movements and facial reaction reveal her annoyance. For instance, when Pilar visited Juliana at the Lualhati residence, she observed Amelia showing favoritsm towards her biological son, Alex (JM De Guzman). Pilar’s only response was to comment that Alex seemed like a good guy, but Amelia swiftly took credit and emphasized that Alex’s goodness stemmed from her upbringing.

Slowly, Pilar seems to be reaching her breaking point due to Amelia’s arrogance. In that scene where Juliana’s family visited Alex and Sylvia (Kaila Estrada)’s house, Amelia seized the opportunity to boast about its stunning interior, five bedrooms, and good ventilation. Here comes Pilar’s rebuttal in the form of sarcasm, suggesting the place must be “presko” and “mahangin.”

As they discussed the possible reasons for Juliana and Victor’s fight, Amelia couldn’t shake the thought of infidelity being a factor, suggesting that either of the two could be cheating. Juliana’s sister, Kate (Anji Salvacion), defended Juliana’s loyalty. Annoyed and offended, Pilar turned to Kate and said, “Huwag tsimosa,” which was obviously an indirect jab at Amelia.

Well, enough of the innuendos, as Pilar chose to confront Amelia directly in the next scene. She requested Amelia to at least help Juliana and Victor fix their marital problem before it leads to separation. But Amelia didn’t care at all, prompting Pilar to retort that the couple’s relationship would ultimately reflect poorly on Amelia, and people would be calling her “ulirang guro pero hindi ulirang ina.” Burn.

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