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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Victor Olivia Kilig Moments Linlang

Avid viewers of Linlang: The Teleserye Version arguably feel sorry for Victor (Paulo Avelino) because, despite his efforts of being a good husband to his wife Juliana (Kim Chiu) and making up to his shortcomings to their family, she still opts to cheat on him over and over again with his half-brother Alex (JM de Guzman).

Thus, we’re glad that he is able to find another ally and shoulder to cry on in Olivia (Heaven Peralejo), the beloved granddaughter of Coach Badong (Jaime Fabregas) with whom he’s been friends ever since they were young. And from simply being friends, it seems that the sparks have already begun to fly between them, especially after Olivia ‘fessed up to Victor that she’s been loving him for a long time now. Lucky for her because it seems that Victor will reciprocate her feelings for him upon realizing the amount of affection that she’s been pouring on him.

As we witness their ship begin sailing, let’s look back on some of their kilig moments that hinted at their blossoming romance via this Kapamilya Update feature.  

Let’s start with that instance when Victor praised Olivia’s beauty, which, according to him, has become more noticeable now that she’s already a full-fledged woman. That apparently got her kilig since he has been her crush ever since she was still in high school and he was in college.

In one of their sparring sessions, we arguably felt the tension between them as Victor suddenly hugged him much to her surprise.

While she was massaging his fingers, Olivia reminisced about the times she used to watch his fights as a neophyte boxer and witness him endure all the pains, wounds, and injuries that he had sustained. That made her realize that it was probably him who inspired her to take up physical therapy in college for her to help him heal at least his heavily beaten body if not his broken heart. Victor was initially speechless upon hearing her revelation and eventually jested that she must thank him.

And during their drinking session, Olivia finally mustered the courage to completely confess the romantic feelings that she has been harboring for him, as well as how it hurt her that he wasn’t able to see or feel that. The vulnerability and sincerity in her statement prompted him to finally open his heart to her, which was signified by him removing his wedding ring and telling her wholeheartedly, “Nakikita na kita” while holding her hand.

As they bumped into each other inside the gym, he promised to reciprocate her love once everything in his life becomes okay and she’s already sure with him. Victor told her, “Olivia, sa lahat ng problemang pinagdaanan ko, gusto ko lang gawin kung ano ‘yong tama. ‘Yong wala nang aberya, wala nang problema, dahil ‘yon ang dapat na para sa’yo. Olivia, hindi ka basta-bastang babae sa buhay ko. Kung pipiliin kita, hindi na kita papakawalan. Kaya gusto kong maging sigurado ka rin muna sa akin. Importante ka rin sa akin.”

His wife and brother may have hurt him big time by cheating on him, but that allowed him to see the people who must be in his life, including her. She also reminded him of her promise that she would stay by his side no matter what, which was so heartfelt that it resulted in their passionate kiss.

Are you looking forward as us to see whether Victor and Olivia are going to be each other’s endgame or not? Well, you better not miss an episode of Linlang, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5.