Why did the Aquinos pose for this pic?

Amid raging national controversies, President Benigno Aquino III took time out on Sunday, March 22, to meet his siblings at an undisclosed place. But for the customary photo and eventual upload to Kris Aquino’s Instagram, PNoy would only agree if his youngest sister would accept an important presidential request.

Kris revealed: “I was able to force my siblings to pose w/ me. Why? Because the 1 in the middle said "Be Nice" to 1 of our guests later. Omg, so I said "of course, but I want an IG pic 1st of all of us!"

The guest she was referring to on her Sunday talk show was obviously the newly crowned Binibining Pilipinas Universe Pia Wurtzbach, whose alleged links with the President has been a hot topic of late.

While PNoy made such an “agreement” for this photo-op, his sisters Pinky, Ballsy, and Viel were more wary about another sensitive topic. “…my other 3 sisters said poor them, sasabihin daw ng all my followers wala silang ka-ayos ayos. I said: hello? They love your simplicity, given na na ako lang ang maarte,” Kris further posted.

Lunch time was special too as PNoy had another photo-op with Kris and her sons Josh and Bimby. Sensing that Kris wanted to take a pic right away before sitting down for the meal, she quoted the President as saying, "okay IG agad, sige na kaligayahan mo!" ?????? Happy Sunday.