What to keep in mind when your wardrobe ‘malfunctions’
Lessons on handling ooops moments from the women who’ve had national television witness theirs

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of a major presentation—or okay, you’re flirting with your crush—and then: The zipper of your pants snap/the button of your blouse pops/the heel of your shoe breaks. Majorly embarrassing, right? When things like these happen to celebrities, on the other hand, the major embarrassment gets magnified—yes many people would express their care and concern, but others would poke fun at the celebrity or criticize either the star herself if she’s not so likeable, or the production staff, the stylist… whoever can be blamed.

Wardrobe malfunctions are part and parcel of life, both for real people and celebrities. Sometimes, no matter how much care you give to ensure that everything is perfectly in place, booboos still happen—and the only way to go is to handle it with grace and poise, just like Anne Curtis, Karylle, and Kim Chiu, who’ve all had their wardrobe slip ups talked about for weeks on end. On Sunday, Liza Soberano joined this roster of resilient and classy survivors: While both her supporters and non-supporters alike took to Twitter to express their sentiments, quite a lot of them blaming her stylist and her onscreen partner Enrique Gil whom she was with in the production number, Liza’s tweets made it crystal clear that there was no one to blame.

Let Liza, Anne, Karylle, and Kim inspire you and keep these things in mind the next time you’re faced with a wardrobe slip up:

1. Stay alert. Be well aware of how your outfit works, especially if it has details or accents that are pretty risqué so you know how to nip a slip up in the bud once it happens. In Liza’s case, she did her best to fix her top as she sang with Enrique without missing a beat.

2. Repeat three times: It’s not the end of the world. Yes, it’s embarrassing, we get it—but this doesn’t devalue you as a person. You’re so much more than an outfit gone wrong; at the end of the day, it’s who you are and what you can bring to the table that really matter—and will make people forget that there ever was a booboo at all.

3. Stop the blame game. Putting the blame on the designer or the brand, or perhaps someone who accidentally ripped your sleeve, will not help your cause. As Liza said on Twitter, no one wants these things to happen, so it’s better to just chalk it up to experience and move forward.

4. Bounce back with a smile. Of course if there are degrading photos or videos that exist, it’s a whole different story—we suggest bringing it up to the authorities so they can take action against whoever is spreading malicious things about you, but generally, the best way to go is to hold your head high and smile. Let your radiant personality overpower this untoward memory.
In style, as in life, grace under pressure will always be an essential trait to have, so always put a premium on your core: When mishaps happen, it will enable you to rise above them.