Vintage vibe for Jericho
“Very vintage din yun trip ko,” Jericho Rosales said in describing his fashion style during the Kapamilya chat.

Liking casual looks, Jericho’s favorite outfit consists of a T-shirt, black jeans, and boots or sneakers. In addition, he notes that he does follow gentleman sites for sources of inspiration with his vintage-inspired getup.

Being a lover of vintage stuff, Jericho notes that his most memorable Christmas gift from wife Kim Jones was a vintage bicycle that has a 50 to 60s vibe to it. He said that the bicycle was more of an unexpected gift from Kim.

Describing his closet, Jericho said that he keeps his closet to a minimum, focusing on staple pieces such as boots, motorcycle jackets, a few shoes ranging from boots to sneakers and dress shoes, and other gentleman accessories such as neckties, bowties, and belts.

In fact, belts are very important for Jericho, such that he cannot work properly without wearing one. “Kapag shooting hindi ako mapakali, naghihiram ako ng belt sa art dept, as in kailangan ko ng belt,” he quipped.