The power of influence: How Anne and Angel are influential worldwide?
Huffington Post UK recently released a list of 100 Most Influential Women on Twitter, wherein the Philippines is represented by two prominent actresses: Angel Locsin and Anne Curtis. Anne ranked 37th on the list, while Angel ranked 87th on the list.

What makes their ranking interesting? Anne ranks after global R&B superstar Beyonce, while Angel ranked after “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling.

We give you a rundown of their Tweets that prove their 6.17 million followers (for Angel) and 8.03 million followers (for Anne) made the right choice in following them: Yes, Angel does have a say in sports, just like the recently-concluded Pacquiao-Mayweather match Anne admits that she does not have the talent for singing, but she still tries her best anyway. Well, we all know who is Angel probably referring to with this Tweet. Anne does give good words of inspiration to her fans. Aside from being an actress, Angel has a special place in her heart when it comes to advocating environment conservation and the protection of endangered species. Angel also thinks of everyday musings that everyone can relate to. Just like Angel, Anne is also aware of current events; in this case, she sympathizes with the victims of the recent Nepal quake. Hectic taping schedules does not hinder Angel from posting updates on what’s happening in areas affected by disaster. Anne is not ashamed to ask help from her fans, even if it is just mere color choices.