The Anatomy of A Good Girl: Shaina and Isabelle’s understated elegance on ‘Nathaniel’
Overdressing not your thing? Primetime TV’s good girls have got your back

While it’s good to always be in the know when it comes to the latest trends, it doesn’t mean you should try each and every one on for size: The best thing to do is to pick the ones that look best on you instead of donning trends from head to toe (sometimes all you need is one accent trendy piece). Less is most often more, and taking the good girl route when it comes to dressing up is a surefire way to nail timeless chic. Want proof? Nathaniel’s Rachel, played by Shaina Magdayao, and Martha, played by Isabelle Daza, who both lean towards the classics but keep their look current with the right details:

Shaina Magdayao as Rachel: Basic but not boring

As a doctor, Rachel is always on the go so her style is fuss-free and practical: Buttondowns, trousers, jackets, and no-nonsense heels. She deviates from normal hospital style though by choosing clothes which have interesting twists to usual details like pleats, ribbons, and buttons. Her color palette is also always on the clean side, nothing too bright—channel her and opt for more mature hues for major meetings or events to exude a commanding presence.

Isabelle Daza as Martha: Simple but glam

How can you be both simple and glamorous at the same time, you ask? Pick tailored silhouettes that highlight your assets like Martha does. She’s almost always in shift dresses (or a buttondown and a skirt), which put the focus on her tall frame and toned legs. Martha may be a lawyer, but she doesn’t look stuffy because she veers away from boxy and too formal shapes—plus, her shoe choices give her outfits a boost.

Ultimately, keep this in mind: Simple doesn’t mean so-so!