‘Super Selfie’ goes to Hollywood: Gab in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ music video
It seems the career of Gab Valenciano has taken one phenomenal rise after another, globally.

And, all of this newfound success cannot be solely attributed to his incredible dancing skills, which we have always known for many years now. The big factor? His prominent status on YouTube with his Super Selfie videos.

Gab’s YouTube channel presents videos of him dancing to popular tunes, with top dance acts like the Manoeuvres and idols like Sam Concepcion and of course his dad, Gary V, all in outlandish outfits, outrageous moves, and hilarious set-ups, coining them his “Super Selfies.”

Here are some of his popular videos:

Gab left for the US two years ago to focus on his studies. He wed fashion blogger-host Tricia Centenera last March in a Boracay beach wedding. Now, he is dead-set at pushing his US career further.

His videos have been so catchy to the worldwide YouTube audience that R&B royalty has taken notice. Beyonce actually got inspiration from his trademark Super Selfie dance steps in the music video of her hit “7/11,” which her team properly attributed to Gab, whom they contacted for permission.

Now, it’s a whole new ballgame, as Gab is now part of a mainstream music video promoting a Hollywood film. Gab can be seen sporting his new look and showing his killer dance moves in the music video of Ester Dean’s “Crazy Youngsters,” the theme song of “Pitch Perfect 2.” Gab will appear in the 1:52 mark.

What’s next for Gab? He will actually star in short films being produced in the US while building more content for his popular YouTube channel.