STYLE SPEAK: A victory of love, respect, dignity for all
It was a victory for the LGBTQ community unprecedented for the ages, and the ripples from this landmark decision from the US Supreme Court has made an impact worldwide—even if it had been just applicable to the laws of the United States.

Legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states in the U.S. shows a message that affects the whole world—that all people are equal, especially that constitutional right to marriage, and that all families will have the same protection as mandated by law.

Everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, will be entitled to the same privileges and rights, in this case, in starting a family, rearing children, and living together as one legal institution. The case involving children of same-sex couples are of great importance in this landmark decision. It gives them the legal entity as a family member to obtain government or state entitlements.

In other words, LGBTQs and their children are now given the proper respect and dignity as U.S. citizens.

But this doesn’t stop there. It serves as a glaring light, a guiding precedent maybe for the rest of the world. And, what better channel for his incredible outpour of love than social media as the hashtag #lovewins becoming the top trending topic worldwide. Millions of Facebook users have followed the lead in layering their profile pics with a rainbow filter—exemplifying the power of diversity and equality.

In the Philippines, the LGBTQ community hailed the decision as a big step forward. Yet, it is still a long way to go for them to achieve a similar milestone, given the religious, cultural, societal and political hindrances along the way. But against all odds, and indeed in the name of love, they would move mountains just to let their love prevail. And some even go to the extent of really saying their “I do’s” publicly without any fear of backlash, including prominent celebrities.

Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino is a couple that best exemplifies this. And who else could celebrate this wonderful victory than they who fought for their love through thick and thin. Aiza posted NBC News’s breaking tweet on the decision immediately after it was announced:

Love is love. Equality for the win!!!

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Aiza then transformed her profile pic with the celebratory rainbow filter to further express their euphoria over this triumph and celebrate their continuing love as a married couple. Aiza says in the caption: “Love Will Always Win.”

Love will always win.

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In the end, the victory means love, respect, and dignity for all.