STAR FORUM: Karen Davila, LGBT influencers react to Caitlyn Jenner
How does Caitlyn’s coming out impact our reality?

Karen Davila, broadcast journalist

On Caitlyn Jenner: “I think her cover and outing is bold, honest, and nothing short of downright courageous. While it also shows the signs of the times in how the world views not just gender equality but acceptance of one’s sexuality, I have to applaud Vanity Fair as well for portraying Caitlyn in a very beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant light, as a new woman and person coming to full bloom.”
On being true to yourself: “It takes genuine courage to share one’s true self regardless of what other people think—that’s amazing.”

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G3 San Diego, television writer and social media influencer

On Caitlyn Jenner: “What better way to reintroduce yourself than on the cover of a glossy shot by no less than Annie Leibovitz. Impressive. Bruce was always the wallflower, always behind the Kardashians—now I understand why. But I have a feeling that as Caitlyn, she’s ready to step into the spotlight. I guess when you live your truth, beauty really comes out from within.

On gender equality in the Philippines: “In third world countries like ours, where survival is a daily struggle for most, issues likes gender equality becomes trivial when it is just as important as survival. I think awareness is always the first step. A change in mindset, a paradigm shift if you will. Little things like the difference between gay and transgender, how one is addressed, proper pronouns—all these things are a start. Equality and rights will follow after. Caitlyn’s introduction to the world is a milestone and it trickles down to us, the Philippines. Because now, we know that transgender women do exist and that the genuine true self should be encourages, believed, applauded, and celebrated.”

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Jake Galvez, host, Becky Nights and celebrity makeup artist

On Caitlyn Jenner: “She’s a hero! Such a brave woman for doing something important for the LGBT community. She could’ve gone some place where transgender women are much more accepted and create a different simple life but she opted to stay and show everyone who she truly is. I absolutely salute her!” On gender equality in the Philippines: “Our country remains to be on top of the gender equality game in Asia, as a community we’ve gone so far but generally speaking, there’s still so much to be done. We should focus on legal and policy initiatives to protect our rights. Soon, I guess we will get there.”

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Veejay Floresca, fashion designer

On Caitlyn Jenner: “I think her decision to come out opened a lot of doors of awareness to many people about the topic of ‘transgender.’ Many of us are still not aware or properly educated about it that's why people don't accept us.” On gender equality in the Philippines: “Sadly, we are still not ready yet for this. Most of my friends who are transponders here are still being discriminated. There was one friend who was asked to go out of the female bathroom and use the MENS TOILET which is totally rude and disrespectful. I am lucky that I transitioned in the US where people are more open and understanding. I was never discriminated there and I am living my life full time as a woman. People call me ma'am, lady, and use the pronouns she and her. I wish time will come where it will be the same here in the Philippines.”

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