Sarah Jessica Parker does DVD workouts
The 'Sex and the City' actress - who is known for her toned and slender physique - has confessed she has been able to "maintain a relationship with exercise" after trying out celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser's 60-minute exercise dvd 'Happy Hour', in which she demonstrates her famous AKT in Motion routines.

The 49-year-old star - who has James, 12 and five-year-old twins, Tabitha and Marion, with her husband Matthew Broderick - tells fitness guru Anna in a trailer for the new work out video: "It's the energy that you bring that on countless occasions has kind of held me up.

"I think if people commit to the idea of the DVD, they'll find that they're enjoying it. That there is a reality to the results.

"AKT is the reason I have maintained a relationship with exercise."

Anna - who also trains US-born actress Kelly Ripa - puts the success of the work out DVD down to its 'trifecta', which means it includes cardio, flexibility and strength-training.

She explained: "In order to get the best results you really need the trifecta - you need cardio, strength and flexibility, you can't just do one or the other."