Rihanna's Perfume Ad Banned in the UK

A poster advertising the 'We Found Love' singer's new fragrance, Rogue, has been deemed "sexually suggestive" by the Advertising Standards Agency and forbidden from being placed in areas where young children might see it.

The image, produced by perfume company Parlux Fragrances, sees the sultry star posing provocatively up against a giant fragrance bottle, wearing nothing but a pair of heels.

While the Advertising Standards Agency concluded the poster was "unlikely" to be demeaning to women because of Rihanna's air of confidence and control, they did rule the ad must not appear again without a placement restriction.

The ASA said in a statement: "While we did not consider the image to be overtly sexual, we considered that Rihanna's pose, with her legs raised in the air, was provocative.

"Because of this, and the fact that Rihanna appeared to be naked except for high heels, we concluded that the ad was sexually suggestive and should have been given a placement restriction to reduce the possibility of it being seen by children."

Action was taken after a single complaint about the image being demeaning to women and offensive, according to the MailOnline.

Parlux Fragrances stand by the campaign, explaining that it simply captures the sexy and provocative persona Rihanna is known for worldwide.

This isn't the first time the 26-year-old singer has caused controversy with her raunchy perfume ads. 

In 2012, the launch of her Rebelle scent was accompanied by images of her posing naked, while her Nude fragrance's campaign saw her strip off to her underwear.

The news comes mere days after Rihanna donned a completely see-through, Swarovski crystal-encrusted Adam Selman dress to the CFDA Awards.