Richard Yap broke traditions, fought to marry Filipina wife
As a member of a traditional Chinese family, Richard Yap is bound to honor time-honored traditions.

But not when it came to matters of the heart.

Richard recounted how he fought for his Filipina wife and won over his parents to marry her. But this meant boldly going on his own without the help of his family—and not engage in the family business that consisted of rice and corn, shipping, and lumberyard ventures.

And, he made it—not only as an actor and product endorser, but also an astute businessman. He has recently opened, together with his partners the Wangfu Chinese Bistro in UP Town Center.

Despite going against his parents’ wishes, he still made the most out of their teachings on the proper use of money and a simple lifestyle.

In an article published on Yahoo! Celebrity Philippines, Richard says frugality is the most important value he learned from his parents. This he put into good use in his ventures.

“Hindi kami gumagastos kapag hindi kailangan. We don’t need to flaunt anything. Yung iba, kung may pera, gastos nang gastos. Hindi ganoon ang Chinese mentality.  We work hard for the money at kailangan i-save mo para meron ka for the rainy days. Kailangan i-save mo para sa negosyo,” Richard said in the Yahoo! article.

He added that most businessmen incur costs even if income was not yet present—leaving them with nothing.

His success has since prevailed upon his family that he made the right decision in choosing his wife Melody, as they work hand-in-hand in growing their businesses and keeping their family financially secure.