Lucy Hale 'million buck' make-up look
'Pretty Little Liars' actress Lucy Hale thought she looked "a million bucks" after trying on lipstick for the first time, as she recalls her first beauty memory.

The 'Pretty Little Liars' actress has confessed to rummaging through her relative's make-up bag and running around her childhood home wearing only a pink tutu as she recalled her first beauty moment.

She shared: "My grandmother would take these naps in the afternoon, which meant I had free rein to make her house my kingdom. Instead of making a mess in the kitchen or binge watching a television show, I would always wait carefully outside her room for her to fall asleep, then beeline over to her make-up drawer.

"There, I would pick out the reddest red lipstick - it was this bright, cherry red colour and so luxurious - and apply it in a ring around my lips. I thought I looked like a million bucks, though anyone else would probably think I had just smeared a cherry popsicle all over my face."

Despite cringing over her make-up misdemeanors, the 25-year-old brunette beauty used the memory as proof that her love of fashion started at a young age.

She told mark's online magazine: "I always liked playing dress-up too, so after putting on her lipstick, I'd grab my favourite pink tutu as the finishing touch. I'm sure I was a sight to behold, running around the house with a pink tutu and red lipstick all over my face! I guess that's proof that my love for beauty started early on."