Life according to Miriam

As the country’s new bestselling author, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago shows she can deliver that blockbuster collection of humorous yet hard-hitting punchlines, one-liners, commentaries, and speeches to a cross section of Filipinos. And, was that love advice, as well?

“Is there a good politician? Is there an honest burglar?”

“I feel like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom.”

“I used to have high pain tolerance, that’s why I’m in politics.”

These are one of the many quotes Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago has said candidly in various interviews, press conferences, and speeches. Normally, we think of politicians as dry, static, and boring, but Defensor-Santiago proves otherwise.

In fact, there is no politician in the Philippines who can match Defensor’s intellectual humor and wit, which is evident in her book Stupid is Forever, a National Bookstore bestseller now on its fourth printing as of this writing (and has sold 110,000 copies so far).

A compilation of the honorable senator’s punchlines during several press conferences and ambush interviews, and select speeches she delivered in universities, Miriam proves to us that politics need not be dry and boring. After all, the world of politics can be crazy at times.

Illustrations made by well-known artists such as Manix Abrera, Rob Cham, and CJ de Silva-Ong also accompany the many witty lines Stupid is Forever has in store.

Whenever someone has a bad day, reading bits of Stupid is Forever will sure make anyone’s day bright, especially with Miriam’s unique wit and humor when it comes to various issues and day-to-day realities appealing to all classes of society.

Not sure how to tell someone has dark underarms without offending that person? Miriam has an answer for that. In need of witty pickup lines to win the heart of your loved one (or at least give him/her a laugh)? There’s an answer for that as well. How about making current issues light and funny? This book also provides the answers to that as well.

In addition, beyond the trademark pickup lines and one-liners, Miriam’s humor also expands even in the aspect of married life. Quoting Miriam in her book, “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t commit adultery; I only tell lies to my husband,” the honorable senator does know how to make views on marriage realistic and at the same time funny.

Stupid is Forever can also be used as a tool in understanding recent trends such as the power of social media, important aspects of leadership, and preparing for the upcoming ASEAN Integration, as the book includes Miriam’s speeches dealing on such matters.

No matter how serious life can be at times, Stupid is Forever and Miriam’s thoughts will surely lighten up your day and give you a good laugh as well. In fact, Stupid is Forever can be used as a manual of some sorts in dealing with everyday life, and how to do well.

Quoting again from one of Miriam’s many one-liners: “Most people live and learn; Politicians just live.”