Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett front fashion campaign

The 'Pokerface' hitmaker and the 17-time Grammy Award-winner have teamed up to front the Swedish high street brand's 2014 Christmas campaign. 

The stunning images show the young superstar sporting a voluminous black wig and an oversize knit sweater cuddling up to the suited 'Anything Goes' singer, reports The Telegraph newspaper. 

Gaga, 28, and Tony, 88, will also perform a festive jazz song from the pair's upcoming album 'Cheek to Cheek' for the retailer's TV campaign this November. 

The unconventional team-up follows on from the brand's collaboration with Lana Del Rey in 2012, who performed 'Blue Velvet' for the store's autumn campaign. 

Meanwhile, Tony believe's their new album - which is due out in September - will show people the extent of Gaga's talents. 

He recently told Rolling Stone magazine: "She's a wonderful singer. Everybody knows and loves her very much. 

"I think when they hear this album that we're doing, they're going to say, 'We had no idea that she sings that well.'"