Kris Aquino's Binagoongan Liempo recipe

Kris Aquino shares her sumptuous Binagoongan Liempo recipe.

Kris Aquino shares two versions of her Binagoongan Liempo – saucy and crispy, on Kris TV this Monday morning, March 2.

The TV host said her sister Pinky loves her Binagoongan, “This is my sister Pinky’s favorite dish that I make for her.”


Olive oil

White onions



Siling pang sigang


Black pepper


Chili flakes

Spicy bagoong

Regular bagoong

Pork liempo

Boil the pork liempo with the fire on low, with onions and ginger for almost two hours. Set aside broth, to be used for later.

Add olive oil in a pan and sauté garlic, onions and tomatoes. After the tomatoes are cooked, add the pork liempo and put the siling pang sigang.

Add Kris’ secret ingredient – a little amount of vinegar. Do not mix and wait for the meat to absorb the vinegar.

Then add black pepper, a little bit of sugar and bay leaf.

Stir and mix all ingredients together once the vinegar becomes aromatic.

Finally, add an equal ratio of the spicy and regular bagoong.

Then add a little bit of the pork broth and let it simmer.

For the crispy version, simply get a portion of the saucy Binagoongan and fry without adding oil.

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