Kirsten Dunst: Jeans are too tight

The 'Two Faces of January' actress has revealed she isn't particularly fond of the denim pants as they are now made in restrictively small sizes due to fashionable trends.

She lamented: "I like a cute, easy dress when I'm not working. I find jeans less comfortable than dresses to be honest - because everyone wears such tight jeans these days! I like putting together a nice outfit, but mostly I like comfort. It depends on my mood."

The 32-year-old star also admits she isn't always sure of her style choices when she walks the red carpet and often thinks she has missed the mark with her sartorial choice.

She explained to "Sometimes you feel prettier than other times. Sometimes, I love my hair and make-up, I love my dress, my shoes, so I'll feel pretty.

"But other times, I feel like, 'Urgh, I'm a little too much here', but it's too late! I can't say, 'Can you fix my base?' 'Can you redo my hair?' It's not going to happen, so sometimes you just feel better than other times."

Kirsten has already decided which fashion designer to turn to for her wedding gown should she ever marry boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.

She added: "I'll do Rodarte."