Katy Perry to get own mobile game
Katy Perry (Bang Showbiz)

One major project after another.

After showcasing an unforgettable performance during the halftime of Superbowl XLIX, American Pop singer Katy Perry has another major project coming, this time in the form of a mobile game.

Glu Mobile Inc., the mobile game developer behind “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” has announced plans to develop a game involving Perry as part of their five-year partnership.

Glu Mobile hinted some features of the game, which includes Perry’s voice and likeness. In addition, they hinted that the game will be releasing during the latter half of the year for Android and iOS devices.

The mobile game developer is hoping that the upcoming Perry game will be as successful as “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, which has earned more than $74 million dollars on its first year of sales. To date, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” has been downloaded for more than 28 million times.