Kathryn’s royal style evolution
Kathryn, the Breakout Star

Looks styled for her by Kimi and Boop Yap, the top and pants ensemble, she says, is a collab between her and the sisters.

She’s been tagged as the perennial good girl, much thanks to her role as Mara in the remake of Mara Clara, and Kathryn fits the image to a T. Fact: She’s actually similar to her good girl characters in real life, in terms of personal style. Her go to look? A simple top and shorts or jeans. But that’s not to say she doesn’t try out new looks from time to time—she also likes glamming it up like Mikay post-coronation (as the princess of the Kingdom of Yangdon) in “Princess and I” and has even tried out boho chic like Chichay in Got to Believe.

Kathryn ethereal and elegant for the “Got 2 Believe” poster. She also puts her own spin on the Yangdon national costume in “Princess and I.”

The Teen Queen's uniform during off-duty days.

Though Kathryn enlists the help of personal stylists (before the team of Rain Dagala and Em Millan, and now stylist sisters Kimi and Boop Yap) for shows and events, her unique personal style is also evident based on her Instagram posts during her off-duty days.

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