Kate Hudson uses children in her work out routine
'Wish I Was Here' actress Kate Hudson has revealed that she uses her children, Bing and Ryder, to improve her workout routine.

The 'Wish I Was Here' actress has revealed that she utilises her two sons -10-year-old Ryder from her marriage to ex-husband Chris Robinson and her three-year-old Bing with her long-term boyfriend Matt Bellamy - as part of her exercise regime.

Talking to Women's Health magazine about her unusual technique, Kate said: "I love exercising with my kids! I'll walk around for a couple of hours with Bing on my back - that's a workout. And I've been kick-boxing with Ryder. I can do squats with him on my back. He's 10 now, so he's starting to get a little heavy ... but I can still do it. I'll probably get another year out of him, then Bing's next.

"I've also bench pressed Bing before now. The kids love it - and after about five lifts, you're exhausted."

The 35-year-old star is also keen to expand her Fabletics gym line, which aims to give women cute outfits to wear while they workout.

She explained: "I want to do everything from lingerie to dresses and bathing suits.

"I love designing and this is the kind of stuff that I wear every day as a mum. I'm really passionate about being active, but it's hard. I think it's something that women need to inspire each other to do. Even I need a girlfriend to get me to a spinning or yoga class. But if you have something that you feel good in, it's the first step to get you into the gym."