Kate Hudson admits to being a Fashion "Hoarder"

Kate Hudson never throws her clothes away and says she is verging on being eligible for TV show 'Hoarders'.

Kate Hudson is a fashion hoarder.

The 'Almost Famous' actress joked she should go on reality TV show 'Hoarders' because she can never bring herself to throw her clothes away, and even has items dating back to her school days in her wardrobe.

She told ELLE.com: "I have things from seventh grade! Now, 'Hoarders' is definitely a show that I watch and I make sure I'm not that. But there are things I have. I have a little top from a vintage store that I cannot get rid of it. 

"I bought it in seventh grade for $10 and it's this little tiny crop top lacy thing. I have a Free People skirt I've had since seventh or eighth grade. I can't get rid of them. I think if and when I have a girl that might be something she'll want."

Kate, 34, has teamed up with Ann Taylor to create the Kate Hudson LBD collection, featuring five variations of the LBD, each reflecting an aspect of the actress's personality.

The mother-of-two can still remember the very first little black dress she bought aged 16, a Miu Miu gown with a slit down to her navel and a low back, which her mother Goldie Hawn refused to let her wear in public.

She recalled: "It was the skimpiest thing maybe on the planet. I remember wearing it downstairs one day and my mom looked at me and she was like, 'No. Absolutely not. No. Honey, I cannot let you wear that.' "