Joseph Marco confesses: ‘I cheat’
In preparation for his role for upcoming teleserye “Pasion de Amor,” Joseph Marco also had to stay fit and prepare for his role. He looks up to co-star and onscreen partner Coleen Garcia, who surprised everyone with her well-carved figure in photos she posted while on vacation with boyfriend Billy Crawford in Maldives.

“Grabe …grabe yun mga pinpost niya (Coleen) sa Maldives. Somehow, ininspire niya ako,” Joseph said in a Kapamilya Chat session on Monday, May 25.

However, even if he had to achieve a buff physique to give justice to his role of Franco Reyes in the series through gym workouts and strict diets, Joseph said he had to give in to some unwarranted food cravings. Thus, Joseph allows himself to have “cheat meals” every now and then.  

And, even if he had attained the kind of body needed for the role, Joseph still indulges in all kinds of food but in moderation.

Joseph said he takes “one or two cheat meals a day.”

Actually cheat meals are part and parcel of achieving a well-chiseled physique. Apart from conditioning your mind better for the fitness regimen, cheat meals can actually be a dietary tool. According to, a cheat meal “can reset hormones responsible for metabolism and insulin regulation, replenish glycogen for increased energy, and keep calorie-burning and fat-torching mechanisms high.”

As such, Joseph is surely taking the best path to fitness, the easy, hassle-free way.