Jessy Mendiola defines au naturel beauty

Photo from Jessy Mendiola’s Instagram

While Jessy would describe herself “feeling hot” in an interview before her appearance on John Lapus's show on PUSH, "Korek Ka John," on Wednesday, March 19, she is basically very laid back when it comes to fashion. Among her staple clothing would consist of simply a shirt, jeans and Chuck Taylors.

Aside from Chucks, Jessy added that she has a good number of Nike Air Maxes as well. “Sneakerhead ako eh,” she confirms.

Likewise, she is also very laid back and minimalist when it comes to makeup. On normal days, she just uses lip and cheek tint, and ordinary lipstick for her makeup. In addition, she uses powder and concealer for her dark eye circles.

“I don’t like concealing a lot, I don’t like covering a lot, I like being natural,” Jessy said on how she would best describe her make up style.

When asked about her beauty tips for young women, Jessy pointed out that less make up brings more beauty to women. “It’s best to look natural, it’s best to look yourself,” she adds. In addition, Jessy cites the importance of taking care of one’s self and drinking lots of water as her top beauty tips.

As for her near-flawless skin, she credits it to hydrating properly and in reducing her use of makeup because she said wearing make-up frequently especially in tropical countries like the Philippines is not adviseable. In addition to drinking lots of water, Jessy also said that she applies lotion to her skin “once in a blue moon”.

*After asking about her definition of beauty, I asked her five quick fashion choices, and her are her answers:

Between bags or shoes, Jessy chose shoes. Between heels or flats, she chose flats. Between shorts and skirts, shorts is her preferred choice. As for prints, Jessy prefers camouflage prints over floral prints.

Lastly, between long hair and short hair, she does miss her long hair but right now she prefers having short hair for its low maintenance and “wash and wear” reputation.