Jennifer Aniston pleased with weight gain
The 45-year-old actress - who is engaged to Justin Theroux - usually exercises regularly but has recently begun cutting down on physical activity, and though it has had an impact on her body, she feels "great".

She told Look magazine:"For the last year and a half I went from being a crazy workout girl to sort of saying, 'My body wants a little break.'

"The only downside to that of course is that there's that couple of extra pounds and 4,000 pregnancy rumours too, but you know, other than that, it all feels great."

The 'Cake' actress feels she has been "blessed" with "good genes" that keep her looking youthful, but admits taking care of herself helps.

She said: "I don't really have any special regimen as such. I think I'm blessed with good genes, which kind of helps.

"Whenever I look at my dad I kind of marvel at how he has hardly any wrinkles and he's now 81, so I'm sure I've benefitted from that and my Greek heritage.

"One thing I do on a daily basis is drink a lot of water, practise yoga and eat very healthily."