JC de Vera keeps it balanced and simple
Comfortable and simple.

This is how JC de Vera best describes his style and fashion during the “Kapamilya Chat” session on Friday, February 27. “Ako, mas relaxed, mas loose, mas okay sa akin,” JC adds. He also reiterated that when one dresses up, one should dress up according to the climate.

He notes that he does not like stylish shirts, and prefers instead simple and plain shirts and pants, where he just mix and match them for his get-up of the day.

As for his health and wellness, he advocates for a balanced diet. While he gets to eat what he wants, he compensates what he eats by going to the gym once to twice a week. Mostly, he focuses with cardio exercise, while he tries to fit in boxing and weightlifting sessions if his schedule permits.

Depending on his schedule with tapings and shootings, JC said that sometimes he would be at the gym for as long as four hours. Despite staying long in the gym, he still gets to enjoy the food he eats such as chips and chocolates.

“Ako naman kasi kainin mo kung ano gusto mo, basta i-burn mo after,” he adds, emphasizing the importance of eating properly since he loves eating.