Is Anne hot or not in these unedited pics?
What do you think about these unedited behind-the-scenes photos of Anne Curtis in a cover shoot for Cosmopolitan Philippines?

Some say it’s a “fitspiration” for female fitness buffs as it revealed her muscle-toned body, as her other followers say she was “sexy,” and “hot” in the images. However, a good number of netizens have observed that they clearly showed her flawed curves and edges, and made her less feminine.

For Anne, she believes in revealing her true self in photos with “no edits.” In the past, she had posted photos of raw images from the shoots on her Instagram to compare against the edited photos, which she said was “too Photoshopped.”

And, in this latest project, she again posted the real photos on her Instagram to prove she is the least bothered to show raw images of herself from such cover shoots.

Here’s the edited, published version of the magazine cover: