How Sofia Vergara achieves a Natural Look for Sexy Scenes

Sofia Vergara believes less is more when it comes to make-up and says the most important preparation is moisturising her body

The stunning star was apprehensive about shooting a raunchy threesome with Sharon Stone and John Turturro in Woody Allen's new movie 'Fading Gigolo', so went for minimal make-up and made sure her body was completely moisturised ahead of the nerve-wrecking moment.

Asked if she went for a full-on look, she replied: "A little colour added, but nothing crazy or total. I tried not to do that. I didn't like it, and nobody told me I had to have it. I also stayed away from sun to avoid tanning damage. But I did do cream. Creaming your body is good. I've done that 24 years."

The 'Modern Family' actress insists she didn't feel the need to lose weight to play sexy Selima in the film and doesn't believe in depriving herself from food she loves.

Sofia told the New York Post "I don't diet. Never. I don't believe ever in diets. I eat in moderation. My temptation is sweets, so in advance of a shoot I try not to eat dessert for a week before."

The 41-year-old brunette is known as one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood and claims she learnt the tricks of the trade on the red carpet by watching the greats.

Quizzed about where her signature posed comes from, she said: "Pick it up. Learn from other actresses. I watched Sophia [Loren]."