How did Kris react when she was verbally assaulted in Thailand? You’ll be surprised

Kris with Josh and Bimby right before the “stressful” incident at the Suvamabhumi Airport in Bangkok. (From Kris’s Instagram account)

Kris Aquino might have faced a lot of criticism in the past but she has always been known to take those in stride. But when someone provokes her with a verbal expletive face to face, how will she react?

This became all too real for the Queen of All Media, as she was verbally assaulted by two men in front of her two kids, Josh and Bimby, at the Suvamabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

She narrated in her Instagram account: “…while in line to check in at the PAL Mabuhay Counter at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, respectful of the space of the 2 men in front of us, na shock ako when as they were exiting I was told, ‘get out of my f**king way because I want to get out of this f**king country.’ Di ko sila hinaharangan, nakapila kami properly.”

Despite this, Kris said, “I chose to keep my dignity & didn't reply.”

Kris said she had the all the right to react in the verbal exchange, but she said, it won’t be wise given her situation.

“Sobrang stressful that when my sons & I got to the plane, they were seated near us. I just prayed that sana hindi na sila magpaka BASTOS & my sons & I just get back to Manila safely,” she said. “I was actually w/in my rights if you think about it na makipagmurahan, since unprovoked yung pagmura nila directed at me... But what for? Sobrang daling mabaliktad ang kwento & the ‘haters’ will find a way to make it appear na ako yung masama.”

But instead, Kris said she had humbled herself and went on with the trip back home to Manila without incident.
“…realizing that God saw what happened & somehow my turning the other cheek must account for some good girl points…,” she said.

At the end of her post, Kris gave an important takeaway from that “stressful” experience. “…we all have our burdens, we have difficulties, but it is character that defines how we carry them. And it is conducting your life with DIGNITY that will help you live a life of PEACE. ??”