Helpers who deserve more than a ‘yaya meal’
So we heard about that infamous “yaya meal.” Serving just one particular dish to a particular “category” of guests may be appropriate for posh resorts, but for these successful celebrities, their helpers in fact deserve more than a banquet in their honor, as they took a more instrumental role in their careers and personal lives.

Here are some of these prominent personalities who had these honorable people not only as efficient and indispensable employees or assistants, but as well-loved and cherished members of their families.


Luis Manzano and Jun Ballonado

Throughout his life, he appreciates the hard work of Jun Ballonado, his driver of more than 20 years. For Luis, Kuya Jun knows a lot about him, that the air time allocated for recently-defunct TV show “The Buzz” is not enough for Kuya Jun to narrate about Luis’ adventures and misadventures.

Recently, Luis brought Kuya Jun’s family to Manila for a dinner celebration as his surprise gift for his loyal driver.

Sen. Loren Legarda with son Lean (middle) and nanay Fely. Source:

Sen. Loren Legarda and Felicidad Bagayas

The honorable senator greatly looks up to her second mother Felicidad Bagayas, who has been her yaya for more than 50 years. Nanay Fely still stays with Loren and sons Lanz and Lean, and it is because of her that Legarda grew up having a positive attitude and good heart, evident with her work as senator and as a former media practitioner.

Loren gave back to Nanay Fely by sponsoring Nanay Fely’s treatment for a colon ailment, where Loren and her sons took some time to look over Nanay Fely while she underwent an operation.


Sharon Cuneta and Loreta Benitez

The most famous of all nannies in Philippine showbiz, Loreta Benitez has been the Megastar’s nanny for more than 40 years until Yaya Luring died in 2009 due to cardiac arrest.

During her most active years, Yaya Luring would accompany Sharon to all of her events, even getting the opportunity to travel abroad. In addition to being one of the most-travelled nannies, Yaya Luring also made cameo appearances to some of Sharon’s movies and commercials.