Heart seeking mom Cecille?
Is Heart Evangelista missing her mom?

Newlywed Heart Evangelista has made two Instagram posts on Monday, April 13 that intrigued followers. She posted two photos of her mother, Cecille Ongpauco, during her younger days.

In one post she placed her photo side by side with her mother, saying, “I kinda look like mom.”

A more touching post came around 9 hours after her first post, with another youthful photo of Cecille sitting on a couch. Heart just typed one word on the caption: “Mom.”

It can be recalled that Heart’s parents failed to attend her wedding to Senator Chiz Escudero, with her father Reynaldo saying in a letter read on her wedding day that: "A lot of things has happened that hindered us from going."

He continued in the letter: "This is my promise: when the day comes that I see both of you truly happy; when I see Chiz loving you the way you deserve to be loved, I will come knocking on your door."

Although Cecille had been on speaking terms with Heart, as revealed in recent reports, she still emphatically opposes her marriage to the senator.