Heart, Chiz go on fishing trip with Heart’s father
All is well between the Ongpaucos and the Escuderos.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero, together with father Rey Ongapuco and husband Sen. Chiz Escudero and a few relatives, decided to go on a fishing trip in an undisclosed location.

It seems that Chiz and Rey have mended their differences already, which are good signs for Heart and Chiz’ second wedding slated next year, where Heart’s parents will be included.

Here’s a share of photos during the trip, courtesy of Heart’s Instagram [@IamHeartE]:
Yes, Heart’s dad has given his sign of approval for the fishing trip.

Even Chiz is delighted to be part of the fishing trip.

Both are happy, that Heart even wanted a group shot with her dad and husband.

Heart may not be happy with her catch, but still not bad after all.

Father and daughter happy together in a selfie.

Things are going well indeed for Heart and Chiz.