Gwen Stefani 'never' regrets fashion choices
Gwen Stefani (Bang Showbiz)

The No Doubt singer has admitted she will always be happy she chose bold red carpet outfits as she likes to look back on her controversial attire to remember how she felt at a given moment in her career.

She explained: "Everything seems to have a reason for looking a certain way. If you [hand] me an old photo of myself, I can tell you why I'm wearing what I'm wearing. Somebody just showed me a picture of me at a MTV awards, where I was wearing this blue fur bathing suit top.

"Right away, I was like, 'Yup, I know why I wore that.' I had just gotten off a two-and-a-half year tour with No Doubt and I felt like I needed to break free a bit. How can anyone regret wearing something? I never do. It reflects who you are at that moment."

The 'Sweet Escape' hitmaker - who has Kingston, eight, Zuma, six, and Apollo, 11 months, with her husband Gavin Rossdale - stars on the cover of the March edition of FASHION magazine and confessed she still "loves" appearing in photo shoots, although she can't always find the time in between caring for her three kids.

Gwen, 45 - who has been the lead singer of No Doubt since the late '80s - told the publication: "I love this part of the job. Putting on clothes and taking photos is so rad.

"I remember when I could do this all day. But now I need to spend time with my boys. They have me on a tight schedule." (Bang Showbiz)