Glow like soon-to-be-brides Toni Gonzaga and Nikki Gil
Add these activities to your list of to-dos for your big day

The look of love beats any makeup, cosmetic procedure, or diet when it comes to giving you a fresher aura, but some things do help in getting you all set up and truly blooming for your wedding day. Brides-to-be Toni Gonzaga and Nikki Gil, though both very busy with their careers, have also been devoting more time to taking care of themselves and indulging in their passions to truly bring out their natural glow from within. Here are some of the things they’ve been trying, which will surely help you increase your happy hormones and make you look more glowing as well:

1.    Get physical.
Despite being blessed with a lean physique, Toni is not resting on her laurels: She works out regularly with the help of one of the best fitness trainers in the country (@alvinfitnesstrainer on Instagram) to make sure she’s in tip top shape at all times.

2.    Unleash your inner artist.
Nikki Gil, on the other hand, has found a new hobby: Digital scrapbooking. She’s put together scrapbooks for some of the milestones in her life and her most favorite moments with her loved ones like her graduation and their family trip to Italy.

3.    Show some good ol’ dog loving.
Both Nikki and Toni love dogs! Taking care of pets are scientifically-proven to improve anyone’s mood, so take your cue from these beautiful ladies and get one of your own (you can also try visiting the local zoo!).

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