Get Judy Ann Santos’ Mommy Glow
She may have chosen to take a break from the limelight, but Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo’s star is still shining bright.

Instead of having days filled with shoots and tapings, Juday’s focus is now centered on family life. She announced on Instagram yesterday that she’s expecting another bundle of joy: Another exciting reason to celebrate life and love for the Teleserye Queen.

A glimpse at her Instagram account would make you see how happy Juday is being a wife, mother, and homemaker. Look as blooming as her even if you’ve got your hands full with your mommy duties:

Stop, learn, and see things through the eyes of a child. It’s apparent that Judy Ann is a 100% hands-on mom—but even better, she enjoys every moment and this happiness makes her look really good, even if she’s just in t-shirt and jeans.

Don’t neglect yourself. No matter how busy you are taking care of your kids, your husband, and your home, always allot “me time” for yourself. Juday makes it a point to see her dermatologist regularly—the great thing about “me time” is you get to rejuvenate your senses and either refresh your skin or body (if you decide to go to the derma or the spa) or learn something new (if workshops or cultural activities are more your thing).

Never take fitness for granted. More than beauty products and cosmetic procedures, one thing that’s guaranteed to give you a youthful glow is living a healthy lifestyle—yes, regular exercise is really important. Juday and her husband, Ryan Agoncillo, are both fitness aficionados, even joining marathons in other countries.

Practice your passion. Cultivate what you love, no matter how busy you get. Juday loves to cook, so she has come up with a cookbook, and she and Ryan have also conceptualized Dirty Breakfast, which serves hip, sumptuous, yes, breakfast, cooked by Juday herself.

Let your hair down from time to time. Who says moms can’t let loose and be zany sometimes? Laugh, dance, be happy, superwoman—put on a flower crown like Judy Ann, if you must.

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