Five times Enrique Gil looked his hottest on ‘Forevermore’
His pretty boy charm alone has us swooning every night, but his evolving nice guy style makes him the complete package. Here are Xander’s standout fashion moments

While Enrique Gil’s Alexander Grande III may have started off as the typical rebel rich kid in Forevermore, there’s no denying that he has captured not just Agnes’ heart, but the hearts of so many Filipinos. We applauded him when he stood up to his family to fight for his love for his Lois Lane, rooted for him as he tried to make up for his mistakes and get Agnes back, and now on the show’s last two nights, we all can’t wait for him to come back to his senses and claim that happy ending with his lady love. As we brace ourselves for the finale of today’s hottest love story on primetime, let’s go down the Forevermore memory lane to admire once more Xander’s hottest looks (clothes, optional).

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Cool Dude
Though he comes from a rich family, Xander never had problems with pulling off laidback looks, especially when he had to leave his lavish upbringing and stay in La Presa. A shirt and jeans don’t look good on just anyone, but this dreamboat rocks them—he looks good in anything, don’t you agree? Keeping him warm up in the cold mountains are statement sweaters and jackets, which also add character to an otherwise plain look.

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Professor Hotness

How can you ever concentrate in class if your teacher is as good-looking as this one? The former party boy shifted to donning preppy ensembles so there’s no room for his students to not take him seriously, but his color choices still make it hard for them not to stare and swoon: The white buttondown and turquoise pullover combination makes his angelic features pop out even more.

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Down to Business

Xander redefines corporate style by going for slim fit trousers instead of the usual slacks and by playing with a multi-dimensional color palette. He looks modern and not stuffy, plus his hip vibe makes the look less intimidating. When putting together a suit ensemble, try mixing up complementary shades inside of sticking to the usual neutrals—just make sure to steer clear of anything too loud so you’ll still look professional.

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Prince Charming

If Xander’s style on regular days is slick yet laidback cool, he sets that aside to be every bit the dapper gentleman at formal events. Still, trust him to take the road less travelled: Rather than donning the traditional black suit, he went for a white tuxedo jacket with black lapel, which perfectly went with Agnes’ white ballgown.

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Shirtless Best

We’ve already established that Xander looks good in anything—but without his shirt on… Even better, don’t you think? The online world went wild when he took off his polo for an impromptu basketball challenge with Jay, and for good reason: He’s got a trim physique that took his hotness level notches higher.