Drew Barrymore Hates Trying on Clothes Too

Drew Barrymore has joked she often wants to "kill herself" when she goes to wardrobe fittings because the clothes don't suit her.

The 39-year-old star recently gave birth to her second child with 'Intern' actor Will Kopelman and she's admitted that while she can easily find clothes that fit her in high street stores, she can't stand trying on expensive outfits for red carpet appearances.

She complained in an interview with Red magazine: "In real life, you can find something that suits you and feel great. Then you get to a wardrobe fitting, try on their outfits and you just want to kill yourself.

"You're like, 'Why do these clothes look so horrible on me? What is wrong with me?' "

The 'Charlie's Angels' actress is currently starring in the comedy 'Blended' alongside her '50 First Dates' co-star Adam Sandler and admits the wardrobe team were really helpful.

She said: "I just don't have the type of body where I can show off every feature. I have short legs, I'm not keen on my arms, I have boobs, I'm short waisted.

"I know I can wear clothes - in real life, I don't even think about it. But when you work in films, you can get into wardrobe and they expose everything you never reveal. Sooooo awful.

"Luckily the costume designer on 'Blended' really understood how to dress my body."

Drew claims she doesn't have a personal stylist and often wears the same outfit for days on end.

She added: "I wear stuff over and over again. If I have to go to a work event, then I'll work with someone to make sure I don't show up in what I've been wearing all week."