Designers Dish on Katy Perry's Outrageous Tour Outfits

Katy Perry's 'Prismatic World Tour' costumes are "bigger and better" than ever before.

The 'Roar' singer is known for putting on a stellar show, so her team made sure to top the candy-inspired looks from her 2011 'California Dreams' tour with a collection of futuristic and outlandish looks.

Katy and her loyal stylist Johnny Wujek enlisted a team of leading designers to bring their vision to life, including Moschino's Jeremy Scott, Roberto Cavalli and Todd Thomas.

Johnny explained to "We went into this tour knowing the costumes had to be bigger and better than the last."

The show is divided into themed sections called Prismatic, Egyptian, Cat-Oure, Acoustic, Throw Back and Hyper Neon, with each part comprising a distinct style and pop culture references.

Cavalli created the sparkling holographic skirt and crop-top combination that Katy wore to open the show, backed by spear-wielding soldiers dabbed in luminous paint. 

He said: "It needed to allow her to dance and sing without limitations. I wanted to make something extremely unique, an authentic showstopper."

Meanwhile, Moschino's creative director Jeremy Scott re-imagined the label's smiley face motif for the 29-year-old star by dressing her in peace-sign leggings, a yellow bustier and matching leather jacket.

The designer revealed: "For Katy, I had to deal with hiding rigging mechanisms for her costume changes and make buckles look normal close-up with just a splash of Velcro."

Katy kicked off her ambitious tour on May 7 and it concludes in December 2014.