Daniel Padilla looks good in anything
Proof: The smorgasboard of outfits he pulls off very, very well with his signature edge

You like Daniel Padilla so much you probably won’t even care what he’s wearing—you’re simply enamored by him, just the way he is. Even in only a shirt and jeans (his signature look), he can sweep any girl off her feet; add his staple sunglasses to the mix, and he’s got you wrapped around his fingers irrevocably. He’s one of the very few who can get away with wearing anything and still make anyone swoon, largely because of his one-of-a-kind charm that’s the right combination of bad boy edge and suave moves. The Teen King can turn any outfit into a fashion gem:

The White Shirt and the Plaid Buttondown
A variation of his signature look of shirt and jeans is one with either a jacket or a buttondown, like this one he wore for an ASAP 20 production number—an uncomplicated look that even you can put together in a snap, but on him, it becomes a stand out.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/ton_lao

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