Cindy Crawford to release Book for her 50th Birthday

The 48-year-old supermodel is preparing to share the secrets of her success in a new book - which will be published by Rizzoli - to celebrate her upcoming landmark birthday, and she insists it will be more than just a collection of pictures. 

She said: "It's not just a coffee-table book with images, although that will be part of it. It's not a biography. It's sort of a hybrid book.

"It'll come out in the fall before I turn 50, so it's kind of a way to celebrate 50 as opposed to dreading it."

Cindy - who was named as the world's highest paid supermodel in Forbes magazine in 1995 and has featured in campaigns for brands such as Versace and Omega watches - has a number of her own product ranges including a skincare line named Meaningful Beauty.

Speaking about getting older, she told WWD: "Beauty changes as I get older. I've always found that beauty and confidence are synonymous. If you feel confident, that's what people see.

"I always tell people to fake it until they make it."