Carrie Underwood never goes make up free

Carrie Underwood has confessed she rarely leaves the house without make up on as she hates feeling like she hasn't made an effort.

The 'Blown Away' hitmaker has confessed she doesn't feel comfortable leaving the house bare-faced and prefers to put on a full face of make up so she feels as if she has made "some sort of effort". 

She told US Weekly: "I don't think I ever have makeup-free days, to be honest. 

"I wear makeup for me. I don't want to walk by a mirror and feel like I haven't given some sort of effort. I just feel better when I have a little on."

The 31-year-old singer enjoys taking time to perfect her beauty regime as she finds applying her make up "therapeutic". 

She explained: "When I am on tour, I enjoy doing my own hair and make up.

"There are just so many people on the road, and it's kind of therapeutic for me to be able to sit on my butt and have all my things, and it's quiet. It's my time to play."

However, Carrie - who is currently expecting her first child, a son, with her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher - admitted she wouldn't be keen on her daughter wearing cosmetics if she has one in the future.

She said: "I was probably actually one of the kids that started wearing makeup a little bit younger.

"If I had a daughter I might have her hold off for a little while longer, but it gave me more time to learn."