Blake Lively admits to being 'intimidated' by photographers
Blake Lively has confessed she finds posing for photographers on the red carpet at show business events "intimidating" because she doesn't feel comfortable being herself.

The 26-year-old star attended the Met Gala in New York City with her husband Ryan Reynolds earlier this week and appeared at ease as she posed for the cameras on the red carpet, but she's now admitted that in reality, she feels anxious and uncomfortable being the centre of attention.

Quizzed on why she chooses to wear her hair in side-swept waves, she told the Huffington Post: "I hide behind it a bit because red carpets can be intimidating. And when my hair is in my face, I feel less exposed."

The blonde beauty - who rose to fame playing spoilt teenager Serena van der Woodsen in 'Gossip Girl' - also confessed she had a trick for getting over her nerves, which involves former Victoria's Secret model Gisele Bundchen.

She said: "I am so not confident on the red carpet. I just sit there thinking, 'What would Gisele do?' It is such a sensory overload."

Blake claimed that now she's learnt to pretend she's acting while on the red carpet, she feels much less anxious.

She added: "I've seen Solange [Knowles] perform in front of 90,000 people and I saw her [at the Met Gala] and was thinking, 'Oh, why do we do this? This red carpet is always so scary.' I saw her take a deep breath and put her performance face on, and you really have to do that.

"I'm not comfortable as me standing in front of 500 photographers, so I have to go somewhere else and pretend that I'm the confident person you hopefully expect me to be."