Beauty looks we love from the ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ finale
Bold pink lipstick, a full fringe, a messy ponytail—make them your own with these easy tips

Melai Cantiveros was the runaway winner of the first season of Your Face Sounds Familiar getting a whopping 51% share in the total number of text votes: She treated everyone to another fun and fantastic performance, this time impersonating Miley Cyrus. We’ve got our own runaway winners though—in terms of beauty, that is. While Melai was the only female in the YFSF Final Four, special appearances included those of lovely ladies Maxene Magalona, Karla Estrada, and Jolina Magdangal, who took to the stage one last time for their swan songs, and Liza Soberano who had a song number with Enrique Gil. Here’s how you can rock their looks even without the help of a stylist:

The Bold Lip
Melai’s finale performance was perhaps her most minimalist one when it comes to styling and makeup. She donned a wig to achieve Miley’s signature pixie, and traded her usually conservative outfits for the pop star’s staple cropped top and short shorts. The standout element? Her bold red lip. This is an easy way to glam up any look, the only thing you need to do is find the right shade for you (the darker the skin tone, the deeper the red—and even red oranges—they can try; lighter skin tones should opt for lighter red and pink reds). Don’t be intimidated by this shade, it’s actually pretty low maintenance because it saves you the need to do full on eye makeup.

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The Full Fringe
If you want to have a drastic hair makeover without having to chop off your long locks, bangs are your best bet. Sideswept ones will always be a classic but don’t make a major impact; a full fringe is still the way to go if you really want to update your look. Maxene Magalona as Nicki Minaj and Jolina Magdangal as Karen Carpenter showed that whether you want stick straight hair or wave tresses, full bangs would work. Just a note of caution: Steer clear of full bangs if you have a round face and don’t want your cheeks to look even fuller.

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The Messy Ponytail
Liza Soberano was effervescent as usual in a beautiful white ensemble, but it’s her effortlessly chic updo that really stood out. The good news? Achieving Liza’s messy ponytail is as easy as 1, 2, 3, as celebrity hairstylist Jay Wee shared on his Instagram: Spritz hair with seasalt spray then blowdry + curl hair using a 32 mm barrel curling iron + tie mid-ponytail with a bungee band (or a regular band if you can’t find a bungee).

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Which look would you try on for size?