Ariana Grande 'scared' of cutting her hair
The 21-year-old singer - who is famed for her long brunette locks and her signature half-up half-down hairstyle - has confessed she is too terrified to even consider a shorter cut.

When asked if she would ever trim her hair into a bob style, Ariana told Now magazine: "Never! Not on your life. I'm so scared of that ... the thought of cutting it literally makes me shiver."

The 'Bang Bang' singer - who rose to fame as flame-haired Cat in the Nickelodeon series 'Victorious' and the subsequent spin-off 'Sam & Cat' before leaving the show earlier this year - added that she doesn't miss dying her hair bright red to portray the character as it left her locks in terrible condition.

She said: "It took me forever to regrow my healthy hair after it got really broken and damaged on 'Victorious' because I had to dye it red all the time. Only just now is my hair 100 per cent healthy and I don't have to wear as many extensions any more."

Explaining why she favours her trademark half-up look, Ariana shared: "It's weird for me because the reason behind my half-ponytail is to keep it off my face. But I appreciate that, especially since I got so much heat for it at first, people were like, 'Why won't she get rid of that damn hair?' I was like, 'Um well, it's convenient and I hope there's more to me than just my hair.'"