Anna Kendrick learned about fashion "the hard way"
Anna Kendrick learned a valuable fashion lesson after buying dresses that weren't right for her and swears by using lip scrubs to perfect her pout.

The 'Into The Woods' star has confessed she often found herself feeling uncomfortable in outfits after convincing herself to buy dresses that weren't right for her.

She said: "Something I've learned the hard way is that if you're on the fence about a dress and think, well, if I get a nice bag and shoes and do a bold lip, maybe it'll be an outfit, it never is.

"If you're in a changing room thinking, oh those shoes at home might sex it up, you don't want to buy that dress."

The 29-year-old actress - who earned an Oscar-nomination for her role in 'Up In The Air' opposite George Clooney in 2009 - also learned the importance of trying out different beauty products and now swears by using lip scrubs to keep her pout looking perfect.

She explained: "These seemed really unnecessary to me until I had chapped lips that were so bad they cracked.

"So I used a scrub that you leave on for two minutes. It was really helpful."