Amid career woes Ai Ai buys US house for baby girl
Despite her career woes, with the cancellation of her supposed Valentine’s concert, Ai Ai delas Alas still remained true to her iconic role as a responsible and generous mother by buying a house for her only daughter Sophia in the U.S.

The vast property, which Ai Ai calls the “White House,” was snapped and shared on Ai Ai’s Instagram account, which has since turned private.

Ai Ai mentions that this gift was out of her unconditional love for her “baby girl,” and that she will give her “everything that will make you happy.”

Sophia, for her part, said in a text message to Ai Ai that the comedy concert queen also shared on Instgram, that she is so blessed to have a mom like Ai Ai and that she will work hard to earn a college degree so she could give back all the generosity and love her mom has shown her.