30,000 ‘amazing’ fans flock One Direction concert

(Photo from One Direction’s Instagram)

The crowd watching the British-Irish Pop group One Direction’s concert has to be one of the most intense and amazing, that even non-fans will be amazed by it.

On the first day of their “On the Road Again” Manila tour on March 21, fans consisting mostly of teenage girls arrived as early as 8AM at the holding area along the concert grounds together with their parents, brothers, sisters, and even grandparents.

Fans did not mind waiting for as long as 12 hours in the scorching heat; what mattered more them is to get a good view of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson during the concert proper. Zayn Malik, however, was not with them, due to “stress” as reported by media a few days back.

Even if they were waiting in line for 12 hours, the fans found ways to kill time: some were busy with their smartphones, some got to know each other waiting in line, while some sang a few lines from the many hit songs of One Direction.

As the clock struck 6PM, fans were shouting in joy as the organizers started allowing them to enter the concert grounds.

Prior to One Direction’s start, DJ KC served as the opening act, entertaining the crowd with his remix of popular songs. Everyone was dancing and raving to the songs he played during his set. It was a definite festive atmosphere within the concert grounds of MOA.

After his set, and a few commercials later, the four lads finally stepped out of stage, and made the estimated 30,000-strong crowd screaming their lungs out, thanks to raging hormones. Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis opened their act with “Clouds”.
Practically everyone who were at the grounds were both shrieking and singing to all of their songs. Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis made sure that they sang their hits like “Little Things”, “You and I”, “Story of my Life”, “One Thing”, “What Makes You Beautiful”,  and “Steal my Girl” to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Fans, especially teenage girls, were shrieking more as the boys showcased various antics on stage, ranging from singing happy birthday to one of their crew members, to the boys repeatedly saying that their Manila gig is their best gig to date.

And even if Harry repeatedly tried to tell fans to not stand on their chairs, the fans were still in awe at the charm of the boys. After all, the charm of Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis has this certain enchantment with the fans, especially teenage girls.

The whole concert lasted for almost two hours (including the encore), consisting of 23 songs that fans were perfectly singing along with, and ending their set with “Best Song Ever”, which also includes the boys soaking themselves in water as part of their finale.

After all, One Direction’s day one performance at MOA Concert Grounds is enough to showcase that fans from the Philippines are One Direction’s most passionate fans.